Saturday, September 3, 2016

September 1, 2016 - I'm Good and I'm not dead!

Hola Mommy! 
Estoy bien y no muerto!  Things here at the MTC are awesome, I love it here!  I have been so blessed, I have never felt so much peace and spiritual reassurance en mi vida!  Literally in my first ten minutes here, I met five of my friends from Herriman and BYU, SUCH A TENDER MERCY!  Being able to see familiar faces was so helpful in my transition.  After those ten minutes I already knew that I was going to like it here. I miss you guys, and I love you more than I can even express, pero estoy tranquilo.  Yo se que Cristo sabe mis necesidades.  I am so grateful to be here!  In one and a half days I have learned so much, especially about myself.  I know that this is His work, these are His two years, and I'm going to give Him my best.  Only have 15 minutes today so sorry this is short, but love y'all sosososososo much!  Also while I'm here at the MTC, DON'T EMAIL ME,  DEARELDER.COM HAS FREE DELIVERY TO THE PROVO MTC!!! That means I can read it right away, same day delivery, it's totally boss.  Also, if you so desire to send me a package (I'll love you forever) our district is mailbox 142! Anyways outta time, email you tomorrow!😄
Elder Smalley

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