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Email dieciséis: Looks like 2017 is gonna be a good year

December 5, 2016

Let me start off by saying this: this week was awesome. And also this: miracles happen. Basically that's all you need to know about this week. 

So for those of you who are already bored, you are not obligated to read any further. For those of you who want details, ask and ye shall receive:

y'all can admire my haircut
Monday through Wednesday we basically got nothing done missionary work wise because we were either doing service, getting haircuts and then getting haircuts again because of a bad first haircut, or trying to finish weekly planning (we never got to do it last Friday because we had so many appointments). We finally got it done Tuesday. Wednesday we hadn't gotten anything done, we had planned to contact people all day in public. We tried to talk to people in Walmart without being creepy, which is very difficult. As a result of 5 hours of finding efforts we had two lessons set for the weekend, one of which actually ended up happening.

Basically here's my problem: I'm okay with talking to people every once in a while, but the principal of talking to everyone is something very hard for me to grasp. Everyone actually means EVERYONE. I've never liked being around a bunch of people or talking with a bunch of people. I've only ever lived in smaller towns, usually I've hung out in small friend groups, the smaller the group the better. Lots of people just bother me. Know I'm told I have to talk to everybody...*sigh*

It's a lot easier for me to talk to Hispanics. I've gotten by by telling myself if I talk to every Hispanic I've done my part. I don't like talking to white people... I don't know why but I just don't comfortable talking with fellow nillas. White people are scary. I'm trying to work on my fear.

We had a dinner Wednesday night with a member, Sister Watts, and she chastised me for only talking to Hispanics. Pray for me folks, I don't know if I can do it. Hispanics are so much friendlier, in general. And speaking Spanish is fun, it's fun to to practice my language ability and strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Thursday we got out and did finding. Then that night we had the lesson with the couple we met at Walmart: A and Z.
I died of laughter when I took this, lol

I died of laughter when  I took this lol We showed them the new Christmas video and talked about it with them, then we had a great conversation with them, and they ended up inviting their friend, Hermana Gallardo over, who is a member of the Branch, so we got a member present lesson. 

We really hit it off and talked for a long time, before we knew it it was past 9:30 so we had to drive home as fast as the computer on the car would let us. Have I not explained those before? Every mission car has a computer that tells you to slow down, buckle seat beat, and drive more safely. I push that computer to it's limit haha. It's good to be driving again jaja.

This weekend we set 4 more baptismal dates, would've had five, but I forgot to extend a specific date with one investigator. So we've got 9 baptismal dates set for New Years Eve. Pray for these nine children of God. Please. The prideful side of me wants to see an investigator enter the waters of baptism by the New Year. I have to remember this is His work and His Glory, not mine.

Friday we had weekly planning again and after that we were BOOKED. We had lessons all day Saturday. Weekdays are the GRIND and the weekends are the PAYOFF . Find all week, commit on weekends. This week we begin the grind all over again, LETS GET IT.

Definitely saw the Lord's hand in the work this week. We didn't commit a single person to baptism these past two weeks, the Spirit committed nine to baptism. Whatever success I encounter here on the mission is His not mine.

Saturday night we had the best lesson ever with S and T. They accepted a baptismal date last week when we brought Hermana Berrera with us. We brought Hermana Berrera again, and two and a half hours later S was telling us she felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders, and the Spirit testified to her that our message was true. Her husband T is pretty golden, so most of our worries were about S because she has had a bunch of doubts. Hermana Berrera bore a strong testimony and my goodness that woman is a Saint. She has had a lot of challenges with her family. But her faith is incredible. She does so much for us and has helped us so much. God bless her. She's like my Mexican Mom.


Hope y'all have a lovely week, Church is true, Book is Blue, Shannon please email me because I haven't heard from you 

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