Thursday, February 16, 2017

Email veintisiete: Leaving the nest

February 13, 2017
On the mission there's a saying that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. That's a pretty accurate statement. This transfer felt more like 2 weeks instead of 6.

Saying goodbye to the Barrera family
I'll go ahead and get the spoiler out of the way: I am leaving Russellville. Elder Toomer will stay behind with his new companion Elder Clark. I will be going to Jonesboro Arkansas and will serve in another trio with Elder Spencer and Elder Giles! Elder Spencer is a former Zone Leader and Elder Giles is on his second transfer, so I'll be follow up training! I've heard there aren't many Hispanics in Jonesboro so this will be interesting... But I've also heard that Jonesboro is the most coveted area in the mission, missionaries call it the Promised Land. All I know is the Lord wants me there right now, so it should work out :) 

Anyway about the week: Monday for Pday the Danville District came over to the church and we played two hand touch football in the parking lot. It was so much fun to play football again, and I absolutely love all the Elders in our District and the Danville District. 

Super spicy Serrano chile almost killed me
Monday night we had a lesson with S&T. We focused on S, and asked her what was preventing her from being baptized. She told us that she still had doubts about the Restoration, specifically the first vision and Joseph Smith. We invited her and T to watch Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration. That night S texted us and asked us to come again Thursday, we didn't even need to ask for a return appointment. We later asked what their thoughts on the movie, and they responded that they loved it, and had questions. So Thursday we stopped by and had the most amazing lesson, but before that, S and Thad a surprise for us. 

Thursday was Elder Toomer's birthday, and when we arrived, T told us to follow him into the kitchen. When we rounded the corner, T fired a confetti cannon at us. Scared me half to death. Then they brought out a cake that S had baked, stuffed with m&m's and very yummy. It was so thoughtful of them! They are so amazing! 

Good byes to familia Gallardo 
Then during the lesson S told us that after seeing the movie she felt the greatest sense of peace she had ever felt. We helped her identity that feeling. She naturally started talking about baptism and how that feeling made her want to be baptized. We asked when she would want to be baptized, and she said by the end of the month. We ended up deciding on March 4, and she said: "This date is my date, so if I'm ready I don't want to be immediately dirty afterwards. I'm getting baptized with or without T so if we aren't married we will need to stop living together." You should have seen the look on our faces, I didn't but I'm willing to bet they looked shell shocked. That was pretty dang awesome. Tuesday we had our last District meeting. That was sad. 

Saturday we met with S and T again, found a bunch of cool potential investigators, and got the transfer news. I have to admit I was pretty shocked. I really thought I was gonna stay in Russellville with Elder Toomer. I'm so grateful for this last transfer and everything that Elder Toomer taught me. He is such a good kid. I know this church is true, 

I'm out of time but I love y'all! The Church is true, the Book is blue, I'm excited to serve with The Jonesboro Crew!

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